National Workshops > Sweden
The first national workshop was held in Länsmuseet Gävleborg, on the 12th May 2007, on the theme: “Cultural heritage as a resource when the oil is finished”. The workshop was attended by 11 participants, including two members of the CULT RURAL team and 9 other individuals representing public organisations, NGOS and museums. The workshop dealt with traditional skills and low energy farming, concentrating on knowledge about materials, methods and energy, locally based but in a global perspective. There are abstracts from the three lectures available (in Swedish only at the moment).

There was also a second national workshop organized on the 15th March 2008 in Staby gårdshotell, Högsby community, in the south-east of Sweden. The workshop counted 24 participants. This time the workshop concentrated on countryside entrepreneurs, who have built their companies on traditional skills but with a new approach. The participants mainly belonged to the local heritage movement.