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The workshop was held in Szentendre,Hungary on the 30th March 2007, at the Hungarian Open Air Museum.

The first national workshop in Hungary was organised by Hungarian Open Air Museum in Szentendre. The theme of workshop was the Cult-Rural project and the change of rural life. The workshop was attended by aprox 20 participants, representing different museums and institutes, universities including the hungarian Cult-Rural team and students. The workshop was linked to the conference of the research program of the Hungarian Open Air Museum (The changes in 20th century rural architecture, interior furnishings and way of life).

The workshop started with a presentation of Cult-Rural. An important basis of the program is the method of researching, preserving and mediating the rural cultural heritage in the confines of an interdisciplinary system. The way of passing over of information must be placed in the system of educational processes; the life-long learning must serve sustainable development. This all has to represent European and not particular interests. How can this be applied in the scope of regional development towards a common Europe? Participants agreed that it is significant to find which kind of European dimension the peculiar (local, national, regional) cultural heritage exists in. Common traits have to be found and the way these can represent the idea of a common Europe. In the project, participants agreed that the Hungarian heritage could contribute to this idea. In the life of the everyday Hungarian and local communities, the democratic change of 1989/1990 opened new ways and possibilities. The demand for a bottom-up organised civil society is emphasised more and more and expressed in several forms. The inner longing for a common festivity and entertainment, the strengthening of local patriotism, the increasing of rural, local tourism has become the motivation for several local initiations and programs. This has also contributed to the analysis and mediating of the cultural heritage, culture and traditions of these communities. After the presentations the participants showed their own museums, institutes and research topics and discussed about scientific possibilities Cult-Rural project.The participants agreed with the scientific concept of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, and offered their help for the Cult-Rural project and expressed their interest in becoming part of the Cult-Rural Network.