National Workshops > Bulgaria
The National Museum of History organised four national workshops of different type and size in different parts of the country in order to involve more local cultural operators as well as museums professionals.
  • The main session was held on June 15-16, at the National Ecological Children’s Complex in the village of Kovatchevzi region Pernik, some 60 km from Sofia.
  • A preliminary session took place at the Branch Ethnographic Complex in the small town of Zlatograd in the south-east of Bulgaria at the Greek-Bulgarian border on May 21-22, with the cooperation of the Director of the Regional Ethnographic Museum in the city of Smolyan.
  • The third session was held on August, 7-8 at the Architecture Historic Reserve of the village of Bozhenzi and the Open-air museum of Etara, district of Gabrovo with the cooperation of the Director of the Regional Museum of History in Gabrovo.
  • The fourth session took place in the village of Chepinzi, district of Sofia on September 10-11, with collaboration with the Local museum attendant, a retired ex-MP.