Background and Aims

Rural heritage is an important aspect of European culture. However, the absence of initiatives that could protect it and the gradual depopulation of rural areas result in a grave loss of traditional knowledge, skills and customs, which constitute the rural cultural identity. All these point to the urgency of supporting and preserving the national and European rural heritage.

CULT-RURAL aims to contribute to the above issues, by:

  • Promoting cooperation and networking between rural heritage museums and other organisations.
  • Encouraging these museums to "open their doors" to transnational joint activities.
  • Highlighting and documenting the cultural heritage of European rural regions; and demonstrating its links to rural social and economic development and sustainability.
  • Raising the awareness of contemporary Europeans and boosting local cultural identity and pride.
  • Providing an "arena" for intercultural dialogue.
  • Improving the skills of professionals to identify, preserve and promote the rural heritage of their region/nation and use it for the benefit of rural development.
  • Attracting the younger generation to become involved with and appreciate rural culture.