Euracademy - Summer Academy 2007

The 6th Summer Academy, organised by the Euracademy Association, on the theme “Culture and Sustainable Rural Development” took place in Chania, island of Crete, Greece between 17th - 26th August 2007 at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania. Please go here to learn more about the event. To see some photos of the event check the Photo Album


The 6th Thematic Guide on “Culture and Sustainable Rural Development” was prepared by a team of Euracademy Association members and other experts. It includes three parts. Part I sets the scene on rural culture, rural heritage and discusses the close ties between culture and sustainable rural development. Part II discusses rural culture as a agent of development for rural areas and includes case studies from all over Europe on the topic. Part III deals with the planning of rural development with a focus on culture and includes case studies linking the topic with national and European policies. The Thematic Guide Six has been revised and edited, following the input of the participants to the 6th Summer Academy.